Natural building

Natural building is a way of constructing housing and other structures with a major emphasis on sustainability, that’s why mostly materials from regenerable, minimally processed and thus compostable resources, such as wood, clay and straw are used for construction.
One aim of natural building is to reduce the impact of human constructions on the environment- for example by using only minimally processed materials that are abundant in nature, which can be easily returned to where they have been taken from and serve as humus or base for new life.

Clay house with green roof in Vukomeric, Croatia

Through working with the principles of thermo-dynamics, energy efficiency can be increased, and pleasant indoor climates created without the need for energy intensive cooling or heating systems (such as air-conditioning). Permaculture can be a helpful tool in this design process as well.

There are many different approaches to and techniques of natural building, out of which we will present you some that we tried out ourselves on our Permaculture estate in Bozevce, Kosovo.

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