The 3peas Toolkit aims to give you support for stepping into the world of applied permaculture. We too are still learning, and getting deeper into the various topics that accumulate around topics like socio-ecological transformation, climate justice, peace work, and permaculture, that’s why we cannot and do not want to bring you closer to the topic only from our side. Let’s use collective intelligence and celebrate the diversity of approaches that are so easily available to us through internet.
On our way of exploring all of this, we strolled through the depths of the world wide web and found some different inspiring open resources that are freely available online, that we want to share with you here, in order to make your learning more comfortable.

You can find a ever growing selection of helpful and inspiring free books, videos, free or low cost online courses, apps and much more linked in each section.

And if you find something on your path beyond the 3peas webpage, that you think could be useful to be added to this collection, feel free to send us a link to:

Enjoy exploring!

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