About 3PEAS 1.0 & 2.0

Three peas.jpgPermaculture as a Path to Peace is an idea that has been supported by Erasmus+ program since 2017 and implemented by GAIA and friends from many countries.

The first project 3PEAS 1.0 was realized in partnership with 15 European organizations that are working in the fields of youth, permaculture education and peacebuilding.

The second edition, 3PEAS 2.0 has officially started just before pandemic and thus we had little chance to continue exploring and learning how to use permaculture thinking in peace building and social projects in general.

We are still planing to organize educational events such as Permaculture Design Certificate Training Course and Permaculture Teachers Training. Before that, a workshop on social permaculture will hopefully take place in Humilisani, a village situated nearby Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the meantime, we will be working on educational tools and guides, which will be available for youth workers in downloadable and hard copies.

More updates, information and stories will be shared soon…

About 3PEAS 1.0

Permaculture as a Path to Peace (3Peas) 1.0 was 2-year long project supported by Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. 3Peas included 15 partner organizations from Europe, from 14 countries (VCV Serbia, VUK Croatia, Nešto više Bosnia & Herzegovina, SCI Italy, SCI France, SCI Germany, SCI Greece, CVS Bulgaria, CID Macedonia, Bugday Turkey, ZMAG Croatia, Utilapu Hungary, PVN Albania, SCI Catalunya, GAIA Kosovo). The main topic of the project was permaculture as a tool for peacebuilding, reconciliation, and empowerment of youth. It consisted of several connected activities that aimed is to build the capacity of SAVA working group of SCI (responsible for exchange in the Balkans) in youth work within current challenging social and environmental concepts. Through this project, participants gained diverse knowledge and skills to implement permaculture in peace work which was documented in video.

Project activities

Training course Permaculture Design Training Course took place in Recycled estate in Vukomeric, Croatia from 18th till 29th of October 2017.

EVS volunteer from France was involved in the development of a permaculture site in Bozevce, a remote village in the Eastern part of Kosovo from November 2017 until September 2018. The volunteer took part in a local permaculture initiative run by GAIA and local partners. The volunteer will be experimenting with knowledge and skills, observing, designing, and documenting the natural process.

Workshop on social permaculture for SCI trainers took part in Novo Brdo in Kosovo, from 16th till 20th of April 2018 and will gather 12 representatives.

Youth Exchange in Mitrovica, a divided city in Kosovo took place from 18th until 26th of May 2018 and will gather 25 participants from 5 countries (Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria).

Permaculture4peace summer workcamp campaign (June – September 2018) in cooperation with Climate for peace team. At least 14 workcamps (Western Balkans, EU) will implement the study and/or practical part (workshops, permablitz, study visits etc) on permaculture based on guidelines from the manual.

Final evaluation & follow-up meeting will take place from 2nd till 5th of November 2018, Bozevce village in Kosovo. This meeting will gather 15 representatives from all partners and will also include experiences of EVS and other long-term volunteers.

During the meeting, participants did the situation assessment, analyzed data from an evaluation of previous activities and agreed on follow-up activities and projects, among which the next phase of 3PEAS.

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