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We collected a range of online courses around the topics of permaculture, community work, gift-based economy and social transition that are free of charge and/or donation based.

Free Online Permaculture Course by  the “Permaculture Women guild”


This is a yearlong online course (with 52 weekly classes). You can start it any time.
The course will give you an insight into the ethics and principles of permaculture and social permaculture and will accompany you through the process of designing your own project for sustainable and regenerative living.


Writing Heroines


Unique, affordable, and actionable online courses for women writers and Earth stewards by Heather Jo Flores, author of Food not Lawns.  An unapologetically ecofeminist, game-changing online training for #womenwriters, focused on using the Heroine’s Journey to create stories that change culture.

Conditions: Free, but donations graciously accepted


Courses on gift based economy, a new story of masculinity and narrative Transition


There is a range of donation based online courses around the work of Charles Eisenstein on the topics of gift based economy, exploring a new narrative of mascilinity and travelling the space between the old stories and narratives of the future.

“These courses are vehicles to explore various dimensions of the transition between stories, and generally run for 6-12 sessions with extensive video and/or audio content, live webinars (recorded for future self-guided use), and Facebook groups to engage collective intelligence and share first-hand stories that animate our conversations.”

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Emotional Permaculture: Designging your inner landscape

source: youtube

This is a short yet challenging workshop that will help you see how you can use the same the principles and processes of permaculture to create a daily practice in your personal life that supports your ideas, desires, and creativity, and nurtures your ongoing need for self-care. ​

Because change has to start with yourself, and if you’re not happy with your day-to-day quality of life, then how are you going to set an example for others?

Conditions: Free, but donations graciously accepted




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